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arg! [Feb. 11th, 2003|07:14 am]
[feelings |coldcold]

so i didn't get to talk a lot last night because mum was bugging me to get offline.. not like its important or anything anymore.

not much to say anyway.

its raining, raining, and oh look, more rain. *sigh*

shoot me. :O
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heavy weight off my chest [Feb. 2nd, 2003|04:46 pm]
[feelings |relievedrelieved]

i told another one of my lovely best friends [ Liz from Colorado ] about what i really did to meet her. *sigh of relief* i was so scared and so frightened i'd loose such a great friend that i just rammbled on and on. she was most concerned about her getting me in trouble!!! what a sweetheart. ^_^ she's a real true friend.

also Kira and i have been talking non-stop all day. ^___^ that i'm happy about. *nod nod*kisses for Kira* :) me lovely LJ-wify!

i am pleased to say that Rabby is caught up in the ukeness of Tauron. har har. i have a site comming up for him very very soon... ;)

hmm. anything else anyone wants to tell me?
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x_x [Jan. 17th, 2003|09:47 pm]
[feelings |bitchybitchy]

friends only. you'll see why.
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